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Thursday, 27 October 2011



I have a pair of big beautiful feather wings. And now I’m sitting on cloud. Thinking how I can fly down there where sky is not wide and clear anymore. There are tower, tall building, planes, hot balloon, etc everywhere. The air I breathe feels smoky and dusky. There is a moment when I out of breathe while flying for a very long time through sea pacific, I fall into the water. My feathers become wet and heavy. I can’t fly anymore. All I can do is  gasping for air, trying to survive at the center of the sea where no one knows, hear me shouting for help. I open my wide wings to balance my body. Then I just lay on the sea bed, waiting the time I could reach any shore or maybe Captain Jack Sparrow and his fellow on the Black Pearl ship could found me. It must be fun having him beside, so then I can laugh every day for his stupid jokes when everyone else think it so tricky and sticky. If I’m destined to sink into the sea, I plan to find SpongeBob. Maybe he is kind enough to give me a place to sleep and find me a job at Crabby Patty restaurant. I close my eyes thinking any situation that could happen to me. Any happy possibility that going to make me smile, despite this bad thing that just happen to me. I smile, enjoying every second of my life that might left. I fall in a very deep sleep on the sea bed on this windy cloudy day. Dreaming of me laughing happily while flying high in the sky with Peterpan and his friends through sweet pinky cloud like cotton candy. 

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