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Friday, 11 November 2011


Masing-masing diam
Tutup mata
Pekakkan telinga
Buat tak tahu
Buat hal sendiri
Cuba lupakan setiap luka kata
Kadang cuba untuk bergurau
Bangkitkan suasana
Tapi masalah baru y muncul

Masing-masing diam lagi
Tak mahu lagi terluka
hati menangis dalam diam
Tiada maaf diucap
Tiada kata terucap
Kerana kasih dipendam
Tak mahu makin jauh
Takut tersalah kata lagi
Lalu semua….Terus diam
Pendam cinta dalam hati



there is a boy living alone in his little apartment
where his mom abandon him
he live quietly by himself
he go to a high school and become a very silent boy
one day  a girl approach him
she said she is also an orphan like him
she always follow him everywhere he goes
she makes joke every day, so the boy won’t be sad anymore
time by time, they become best friend
spending every single time together
together they grow
together they feel something,
but no one ever said something
the boy who now has become a man
he has cancer like his father
the reason why his mom left him
the reason why he not being able to say his feeling to her, the girl who now has become a woman
because he know someday he will left the world earlier
day by day, his condition become worse
one day, he faints beside the woman he love
when the woman ask, he said he just tired
one day she follow the man to the hospital
she heard that the man he love is so sick 
thinking how much pain he had to bear alone
thinking that the man gonna leave the world soon
she cry alone in the corner, feeling so sad
the next day, she ask the man
is he has anything to confess to her
anything like any secret he never told her
the man undoubtedly said 'i like you, you are my best friend'
then the woman said 'well, i like you too'
'hmm..if..if you die, do you have any wish ?'
the man said 'i want you to marry to a very good man..'
they smile to each other by crying so much pain in their heart 
the woman then find a good man
without loving him, she decide to marry him
just to make the wish the man she love come true
when she try the wedding gown,
she ask the man he love to accompany her
they get a picture together
suddenly, the man runs outside and crying hardly in the rain,
he shout loudly for the pain he felt inside,
but nothing gonna change....
the woman cry so much in her wedding gown while holding to the picture
on the marriage day
the man he love wearing tuxedo and she wears a white wedding dress
he take her hand and walk her through the bride's door
that day the woman smile brightly
on this day, she feel so happy for being with him
then, the man give her hand to the man she marry
after the ceremony, the man die of cancer at home holding her picture in his hand
the woman who then know the reality,
then just walk away from the man she marry
while looking at the picture they take together
she had been crush by truck on the road
together they left the world....

-the end~

credit to: movie 'A Story Sadder Than Sadness'

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