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Monday, 22 August 2011


this story contains a lot of grammar error and had been write without any consent about writers life or anybody alive or died. if you think you can handle a cheeky, loving, unmatured story...u can continue to roll down through this page. If u hate so... juzz do what ever u want laa...and please do comment.(correct my grammar, k * ^_^*)
                                                                                                                ~love for readers~muahhh!<3<3

The girl...

she is a girl with a thought...''juz get along with life''....

That girl is in her 20's...she's silly..annoying...cool..sleepy..uppps! haha..
what can i say....she's totally mad!!
The boy

he is cool...handsome.. clever..but then..-_-*
hopeless..why?? cuz he's annoying!!
saying here and there,''why do people always like me? cuz im born with it...haha''^_^..

''seems like it was yesterday when i saw your face..'' -Hurt, Christina Aguilera


---January 21, 2011, Friday

At library..
  Wearing a brown baju kurung and a creamy coloured scarf.. Ignoring all people there, she walk in, bringing a blue Economy books and a pen..She sit on the table at the corner of the library's second floor. then she will look around the library to confirm 'line is clear'.....
Like always,firsly..she'll wears the earphone, arrange the pens & books on table, put out the sandals, put both of her legs on the chair..just then she will focus on her study.
 On that early of morning, the library's second floor will always be silent and just a bunch of student gonna go there to study. For this girl, she like this kind of feeling...you know... imagine.. in this silent air-corned library, you sit alone, listening to music & lose in it,sit there comfortably & study..it just feel like ''AH! this world is mine!'' yeah! that kind of feeling!
(feel lose in my own thought..when imagine about it)HAHAHAHAHAH.......>_<''


  A bunch of boy students wearing brown uniform with T shirt underneath..seems just step on the library's second floor.
They head to the table behind the girl. She who's kind is losing into the musie herself is singing the song's lyric within
her mouth happily without noticing the boys behind her are laughfing histerically!!...hhaha..what a shame!

 One of the boy make a silent sign to his friends. He slowly walk to the side of the girl's table and jump in front of her with an annoying face...''WOW! PERFECT! you should try american Idol!'',the boy..then laugfing and clapping along with his friends who seems had keep their life's laugh just for Today's Special Event.

                                                             ''its all about us...its all about us'',-Tatu.All about us.

 The girl turn down her head. She keeps silent till they stop laughfing.The boy slowly walking backward to his friends. All of them worried if the girl cry or gonna scream...then.
In that silent,when all attention is just on her..she stand and turn over her looks to the boys with a smirky face, then smiling...she said...
  ''thank you2x...i know im too good..but dont praise me over the TOP lahh..im a beginner.but please vote me!''
she bow to them and give them a wink and a peace.

  All of them ~~O_0'' uhhh....what a girl!!??*

Then the girl close her act... she then take all stuffs and takes her steps out from library.She headed straight to an empty class in campus block.

''AHHHHHHHHHHH!@!!! What the heck just happen to me??! d0o am i suppose to respond to that?! why?!3x!!
    did it just happen to me? what am i? an american idol.....!!! what???AAAAArrghhhhh!!!''

                                  end of CHAPTER 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


---January 30, 2011, Sunday

  Considering the black event..that girl had not gone to library for about a week. She dont even walk passing the library. But for today, for once again...she goes to library. Now, she choose a different study spot. She sit at the table provided for one person only. ''Hopefully I wont meet that boy ever again!'',she thought. Like always...she will hear music while studying & ocasionally will lose herself in it.hahahah...


One hour later, she close her book,slow down the volume of music, put her head down on table & close her eyes....zzzZZZZZ~~

                                           ''calling me out...she's the one'',-Robbie William.She's The One
For about 15 minutes later....
  That boy come to the library with his friends to prepare for his biology test on the next day, but he prefer to study alone for that day. So, he brings himself to the table beside that girl unknowing she's the past singing girl. When he sit there, he realize the girl beside her is sleping soundly while both of her legs are on the chair. He smile by himself....(o_,0 )*,but then he thought he know that face. It is so familiar...no one could ever forget that face after her act that day. He laugh as he covering his mouth... thinking ''how lucky am i today!''

  Then he looks at that face through the glass barrier between their tables.. That face slowly smiling cutely at him. That situation sounds creepy, but he is also smiling. Although she's the one who's sleep, but he's the one who's dreaming. Suddenly,he feels breathless...his heart beat hardly, time seems stop, everybody freeze,his eyes just could not stop staring at her...
in his eyes.. she look so beautiful when falling in the deep sleep,like a sleeping princess.
Like had been hypnotized.. slowly his hand moves to touch that pretty face, unluckily the glass between them stops him...in the same time,the princess seems awake from her sleep.

   She opens her eyes lazily, stretching her arms, and look at the round clock on the wall..showing its already 11a.m. Realizing she had sleep for a half an hour, she starts opening her books again. But then she feels something weird. Somebody was watching her till
 now....who?? That girl looks at her right side..nobody there. and at her left side, there is a pair of eyes staring at her sharply...she quickly turns over his face to the other side. ''That's creepy!''she thought... For a while she thinks...what is the reason for her to be at that kind of weird situation? ''Did I snore in my sleep...hmmm. but I never did before..so why?''. For the second time she look at her left. That boy is gone...''am I day dreaming??, did I still in my sleep?''.. She continue her study and left the question by itself.....but then she still wonder..........hmmm...

                                             end of chapter 2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

''if i dont say the word..how would you hear what inside my heart....
           how would you know that..the way that i feel.....''
                                              -Ronan Keating,If I dont Tell You Now.


---Februry 1,2011,Tuesday

  That boy live in a rent banglow for 20 people worth RM2000 per month. He go to class by his Black Minicooper which was his dad's present for achiving10A's in SPM. He is a worthy friend for being a very helpful hand in study & understanding....
..but not a worthy man for a woman,cause he's so arrogant in front of them. He keeps thinking woman are just so weak and difficult to handled. So, he had never wish for getting falls in love..and in the mean time he always hating his friends' girlfriends which always call them at the middle of night just to talk nonsence about small things happens,threat for a break-up
just to win a fight,sulking for not calling, shouting abuse words as they mad for jealousy....''such a burden to carry...uhh!!''he thought. There was once a girl declare her love to him..he then said''Thanks...but no thanks''. He give a smirky face and just walk over.
The girl was so shocked. Her tears keeps flowing down not for not being love back..but for being shamed as that boy said that in front of her friends in the middle of the road. What an unlucky girl...''=_='*

Now things seems change.Its almost 2 hours since that boy try to sleep. His mind is still thinking about the day his heart first fluttered.

     That girl has been awaked from her sleep, but his eyes still on her.''What a beautiful creature God has created...'' Today he is the luckiest man on the world for being able to realize that. She looked like as looking for something.Suddenly, she turn over to that boy side. That boy looks at her with a round looking eyes with a very wide smile. As the girl turn over to the other side..realizing he is in a very odd situation..he quickly stand up and brought all his stuff to his friends's table behind him. He act as nothing happened.He opened the biology book but his eyes stared at that girl. He put his hand on his chest...he felt like had been a heart attacked as both of them looked at each other just for a second.

  Its already the second night...like yesterday. He just keep turn over & over on his bed for not being able to sleep..till ....his friend madly kick him off the bed hardly..

            ''Ouch!...hey!!what are you trying to....hmmm...he must be dreaming again..urghh~~..'' -_-*

That boy try to stand up. His head feels so much in pain for knocking the table beside the king size bed. He then go to the front space and sit on sofa..He switch on the television.''Nothing worth to watch..hmm..''. Since he saw that girl, his body feels different. There's something wrong.For the first time in his life, he has hard time to sleep, eating something which he really2 dont like..CHOCOLATE.., watch korean drama just to feel so in love,study..but then on questions paper..he try to draw a girl potret..which seems so like someone.. and now... his body seems cant be balanced anymore as he stand up, his view becomes darker, there are stars as he look up, and his head feels so heavy and wet..''is this what it feels when somebody falls in love?''he ask that to his friend who seems is runningtoward him as he nearly faint and fall over ..''Are you crazy! You're bleeding stupid!!!''..That's the last word he heard that night. He faint with a big wide smile........hahahahahahaaaa.(writer just cant stop laughfing>o<*).

                             ''I dont need too much...just somebody to love''-Justin Bieber,Somebody to Love  

                                   end of chapter 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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