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Friday, 24 June 2011

My Favourite Lecturer..En.Sabri 8)

I sit at the back of the class.
Staring at everybody.
Sir Sabri is sitting in front of the class.
Explaining law subject, chapter 2.
Then he talks, talks and keep talking for about 2 hours.

Everyone is focusing at him.

Sometime smiling, laughing, responding at his jokes.
Which is I know…realize..
 Full of wise words..
But my eyes seems can’t stand a lot of words..coming out from that mouth..
I keep blinking my eyes..
 Luckily Zura is blocking my face away from sir…XD
..then..I left the world..sleep soundly…

‘’Ok lah.. kita berhenti setakat ini sajalah. Saya dah menyampah tengok muka awak semua. Sekian.”

                               -En. Sabri-

Dari aku yang baru je segar bugar lepas tergelak sakan ngan member2 akan lawak En. Sabri. Memang Sir the bez lahh!! hahahahahXD

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